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Pay special attention to the atonement cover (mercy seat). It signifies God, in His great mercy, covering over our sin.

BibleGateway: Exodus 37:1-9

ESV Text: Exodus 37:1-9

KJV Text:

The section starts at about 0:0 and ends at about 1:29

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     1 And Bezaleel made the ark of shittim wood: two cubits and a half was the length of it, and a cubit and a half the breadth of it, and a cubit and a half the height of it: 2 And he overlaid it with pure gold within and without, and made a crown of gold to it round about. 3 And he cast for it four rings of gold, to be set by the four corners of it; even two rings upon the one side of it, and two rings upon the other side of it. 4 And he made staves of shittim wood, and overlaid them with gold. 5 And he put the staves into the rings by the sides of the ark, to bear the ark. 6 And he made the mercy seat of pure gold: two cubits and a half was the length thereof, and one cubit and a half the breadth thereof. 7 And he made two cherubims of gold, beaten out of one piece made he them, on the two ends of the mercy seat; 8 One cherub on the end on this side, and another cherub on the other end on that side: out of the mercy seat made he the cherubims on the two ends thereof. 9 And the cherubims spread out their wings on high, and covered with their wings over the mercy seat, with their faces one to another; even to the mercy seatward were the faces of the cherubims.(KJV)

Hymn: TLH 319:
In Thee Alone, O Christ, my Lord

— Organ Audio

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1. In Thee alone, O Christ, my Lord, 
My hope on earth remaineth; 
I know Thou wilt Thine aid afford, 
Naught else my soul sustaineth. 
No strenghth of man, no earthly stay 
Can help me in the evil day; 
Thou, only Thou, canst aid supply. 
To Thee I cry; 
On Thee I bid my heart rely. 

2. My sins, O Lord, against me rise, 
I mourn them with contrition; 
Grant, through my death and sacrifice, 
To me a full remission. 
Lord, show before the Father’s throne 
That Thou didst for my sins atone; 
So shall I from my load be freed. 
Thy Word I plead; 
Keep me, O Lord, each hour of need. 

3. O Lord, in mercy stay my heart 
On faith’s most sure foundation 
And to my inmost soul impart 
Thy perfect consolation. 
Fill all my life with love to Thee, 
Toward all men grant me charity; 
And at the last, when comes my end, 
Thy succor send. 
From satan’s wiles my soul defend.