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Laban tricked Jacob into taking Leah as his wife too, but the Lord blessed Leah and she became the mother of Judah, from whose tribe Jesus would eventually come.

BibleGateway: Genesis 29:16-35

ESV Text: Genesis 29:16-35

KJV Text: Genesis 29:16-35

The section starts at about 2:5 and ends at about 4:34

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16 And Laban had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. 17 Leah was tender eyed; but Rachel was beautiful and well favoured. 18 And Jacob loved Rachel; and said, I will serve thee seven years for Rachel thy younger daughter. 19 And Laban said, It is better that I give her to thee, than that I should give her to another man: abide with me. 20 And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her. 21 And Jacob said unto Laban, Give me my wife, for my days are fulfilled, that I may go in unto her. 22 And Laban gathered together all the men of the place, and made a feast. 23 And it came to pass in the evening, that he took Leah his daughter, and brought her to him; and he went in unto her. 24 And Laban gave unto his daughter Leah Zilpah his maid for an handmaid. 25 And it came to pass, that in the morning, behold, it was Leah: and he said to Laban, What is this thou hast done unto me? did not I serve with thee for Rachel? wherefore then hast thou beguiled me? 26 And Laban said, It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the firstborn. 27 Fulfil her week, and we will give thee this also for the service which thou shalt serve with me yet seven other years. 28 And Jacob did so, and fulfilled her week: and he gave him Rachel his daughter to wife also. 29 And Laban gave to Rachel his daughter Bilhah his handmaid to be her maid. 30 And he went in also unto Rachel, and he loved also Rachel more than Leah, and served with him yet seven other years.

     31 And when the LORD saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren. 32 And Leah conceived, and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben: for she said, Surely the LORD hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me. 33 And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Because the LORD hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore given me this son also: and she called his name Simeon. 34 And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said, Now this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons: therefore was his name called Levi. 35 And she conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I praise the LORD: therefore she called his name Judah; and left bearing.(KJV)

Hymn: TLH 340 :
Awake, my Soul, to Joyful Lays — Organ Audio

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1. Awake, my soul, to joyful lays
And sing Thy great Redeemer’s praise.
He justly claims a song from me,–
His loving-kindness, oh, how free!

2. He saw me ruined in the Fall,
Yet loved me notwithstanding all.
He saved me from my lost estate,–
His loving-kindness, oh, how great!

3. When I was Satan’s easy prey
And deep in debt and bondage lay,
He paid His life for my discharge,–
His loving-kindness, oh, how large.

4. Through mighty hosts of cruel foes,
Where earth and hell my way oppose,
He safely leads my soul along,–
His loving-kindness, oh, how strong!

5. When trouble, like a gloomy cloud,
Has gathered thick and thundered loud,
He near my soul has always stood,–
His loving-kindness, oh, how near!

6. When earthly friends forsake me quite
And I have neither skill now might,
He’s sure my Helper to appear,–
His loving-kindness, oh, near!

7. Too oft I feel my sinful heart
Prone from my Jesus to depart;
But through I have Him oft forgot,
His loving-kindness changes not.

8. When I shall pass death’s gloomy vale
And all my mortal power must fail,
Oh, may my last, expiring breath
His loving-kindness sing in death!

9. Then shall I mount and soar away
To the bright world of endless day
And sing with rapture and surprise
His loving-kindness in the skies.