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God’s word is eternal, enduring to this day and forever.

BibleGateway: Psalm 119:89-96

ESV Text: Psalm 119:89-96

KJV Text:

The section starts at about 8:11 and ends at about 9:2

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     89 LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. 90 Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth. 91 They continue this day according to thine ordinances: for all are thy servants.

     92 Unless thy law had been my delights, I should then have perished in mine affliction.

     93 I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.

     94 I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts.

     95 The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.

     96 I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.(KJV)

Hymn: WS 796:
The Day You Gave Us, Lord, Is Ended

1. The day You gave us, Lord, is ended; 
The darkness falls at Your request  
To You our morning hymns ascended; 
Your praise shall sanctify our rest. 

2. We thank You that Your Church, unsleeping 
While earth rolls onward into light, 
Through all the world her watch is keeping 
And never rests day or night. 

3. As over continent and island  
Each dawn leads to another day, 
The voice of prayer is never silent, 
Nor do the praises die away. 

4. So be it, Lord; Your throne shall never, 
Like earth’s proud kingdoms, pass away. 
Your kingdom stands and grows forever 
Until there dawns Your glorious day.