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By the resurrection of His Son our God has delivered us from all our troubles and given us victory over all our enemies.

BibleGateway: Psalm 54

ESV Text: Psalm 54

Psalm 54 (Listen)

The Lord Upholds My Life

To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments. A Maskil1 of David, when the Ziphites went and told Saul, “Is not David hiding among us?”

54:1   O God, save me by your name,
    and vindicate me by your might.
  O God, hear my prayer;
    give ear to the words of my mouth.

  For strangers2 have risen against me;
    ruthless men seek my life;
    they do not set God before themselves. Selah

  Behold, God is my helper;
    the Lord is the upholder of my life.
  He will return the evil to my enemies;
    in your faithfulness put an end to them.

  With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you;
    I will give thanks to your name, O LORD, for it is good.
  For he has delivered me from every trouble,
    and my eye has looked in triumph on my enemies.


[1] 54:1 Probably a musical or liturgical term

[2] 54:3 Some Hebrew manuscripts and Targum insolent men (compare Psalm 86:14)


KJV Text:

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KJV Text (alt. audio): Chapter 54:

     1 To the chief Musician on Neginoth, Maschil, A Psalm of David, when the Ziphims came and said to Saul, Doth not David hide himself with us? Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength. 2 Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. 3 For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul: they have not set God before them. Selah.

     4 Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul. 5 He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth. 6 I will freely sacrifice unto thee: I will praise thy name, O LORD; for it is good. 7 For he hath delivered me out of all trouble: and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.(KJV)

Hymn: WS 730 :
Now Let the Heav’ns Be Joyful

1. Now let the heavens be joyful, 
Let earth her song begin! 
The round world keep high triumph, 
And all that is therein. 
He is risen, He is risen, 
Christ the Lord is risen, 
Our joy, that hath no end. 

2. From death to life eternal, 
From earth on to the sky, 
Our Christ hath brought us over 
With hymns of victory. 
He is risen, He is risen, 
Christ the Lord is risen, 
Our joy, that hath no end. 

3. Let all things seen and unseen 
Their notes of gladness blend. 
For Christ the Lord is risen, 
Our joy that hath no end. 
He is risen, He is risen, 
Christ the Lord is risen, 
Our joy, that hath no end.